Climbing is now allowed again on all cliffs, except those just above the tennis court where a big landslide has seen a 60 meters high tower rolling down the “couloir de la mule” down to the parking lot.

Guidebooks for the Salève

With the links below, you can download the complete climbing guidebooks “Topo du Salève” from 1990, updates for various climbing areas (only updates of Petites Varappes, Massif du Coin, Etiollets, Buttikofer, Lamin et Bonhomme are available for now), the boulder guidebook “Blocs du Salève” by Claude Stöcklin, or even, for the history enthusiasts, the Salève guidebook by Bossus and Briquet from 1965, with the kind authorisation of Mr.Briquet.

Le Guide du Salève, Bernard Wietlisbach, édition 1990
Les Blocs du Salève, Claude Stöcklin, version avril 2021
Le Guide du Salève de Bossus et Briquet, édition 1965


Massif du Coin
Petites Varappes
Face de l’arête, 2017
Cirque des Etiollets
Paroi des Buttiköfer
Paroi de la Lamin

Updates for the other areas are not available for now.